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The Berks County Tennis Club opened its doors in September of 1953. The five “Incorporators” of this new tennis club were: Leo Bloom, Harry Bridegam, Carl Erdman, Ray Kushmore, and Bernie Leightheiser, Sr. With this group of tennis enthusiasts leading the way, arrangements were made to lease land from Wyomissing Industries, and money to build the facility was raised via contributions and the sale of 20 year, 2% coupon bonds. The club still sits on its original site and has operated continuously since 1953.

The Club has a rich tradition and over the years has hosted many Middle States events, professional exhibitions, inter-club matches, and provided all players a wonderful place to play the game of tennis. The Berks County Tennis Club is a Berks County jewel and plans to be around for many more years.


Now entering our 68th season, The Berks County Tennis Club has a very active and committed Board of Directors which includes Eric Donahue, Aleko Zeppos, Sandy Reese, Darcie Saar, Steve Pottieger, Lisa Hvizda, and Susan Pollack. We have been working hard since last fall and we welcome your ideas to continuously improve our “member experience.”

The Berks County Tennis Club is governed by a Board of Directors elected by the general membership. It currently consists of nine Directors who serve three year terms. New Directors are elected at an Annual Meeting of the club, usually held each October.

Tennis operations are under the direction of the Director of Tennis. Currently, and we hope for many years to come, our Tennis Director is Jen Aubin, USPTA. Jen is responsible for coordinating all tennis activities. Additionally, the Club Manager, responsible for court conditions and keeping the clubhouse in top condition, reports directly to The Director of Tennis.

Members are encouraged to contact the Board of Directors or the Director of Tennis at any time to voice their wants and concerns.

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